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A Journey into the Past: Knitting and Lace

'A Journey into the Past: Knitting and Lace’ is a series of events from Monday 29th May to Friday 2nd June which explores worker’s rights and conditions in the knitting and lace industries of Nottingham. It is established as a Journey to Justice Nottingham week of events, in collaboration with the Framework Knitters Museum and the Nottingham Women’s History Group. It has been facilitated by Katrina Peake, a Midlands3Cities-funded PhD researcher at the University of Nottingham and has been supported by Midlands3Cities. The week includes a talk on the luddites causing riots owing to suppression of wages and poor working conditions, a walk exploring the history of the lace industry and Nottingham’s path to achieving global fame for its lace, albeit at the expense of worker’s rights, in the city centre and a Ruddington village trail which follows the footsteps of the workers in the knitting industry.

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