Journey to Justice: Leicester


Photo:  bvi4092 , Flickr. Modified. CC BY 2.0.

Photo: bvi4092, Flickr. Modified. CC BY 2.0.


About Journey to Justice: Leicester

Journey to Justice: Leicester is part of the national travelling JtoJ exhibition, and consists of an exhibition as well as a series of events in the city which form part of a ‘festival of social justice’.


The Exhibition

  • The exhibition tells two distinct but interconnected stories. One focuses on the US civil rights movement, its significance and its links to the UK. We tell stories of less well-known men, women and children who were involved and we explore factors essential for a human rights movement to succeed. The other tells stories of Leicester's Journeys to Justice, looking at the long and vibrant history of social activism and social justice in the diverse city of Leicester. JtoJ Leicester seeks to showcase the stories of local people's struggle towards freedom and justice.

  • The exhibition is being held at Attenborough Arts Centre from 11-27 October 2019, and Entry is free.

  • To arrange visits for large groups, including school visits, please contact us.

The Events

In addition to the exhibition, JtoJ will consist of a number of public events, including public talks and workshops, as well as ambitious projects through which the people of Leicester can share their experiences, thoughts, and their own journeys to justice. This will take place through collected stories, as well as an ambitious oral history project.

JtoJ across the UK.  Click to see  where else the exhibition has been and where it’s going next.

JtoJ across the UK. Click to see where else the exhibition has been and where it’s going next.

The National Project:
JtoJ Leicester is part of the national Journey to Justice project, which seeks to galvanise people to take action for social justice through learning about human rights movements and the arts. JtoJ seeks to bring attention to UK and global struggles for justice, and show that injustice can be challenged and that everyone has the knowledge and skills to play a role in bringing about change. It seeks to ensure that everyone feels responsible for social justice & is active in promoting & ensuring it.


Join us on JtoJ Leicester! We’re looking for people to give public talks, run workshops, help out with the exhibition, and more. If you’re interested in one of our projects, or have an idea of your own,
let us know!


If you are organising or know of an event that you think links with the themes and ideas of Journey to Justice: Nottingham, please let us know. We're always looking to add new events to our calendar and will endeavour to get people along to your event.



If you would like to contribute to our blog please get in touch. It could be the story of your fight for justice, a short blog post, a photography collection, or even a short film. Whatever it is we'd like to hear about it. 


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