Journey to Justice is a touring exhibition that focuses on the US civil rights movement, its links to the UK, and its wider impact. As the exhibition travels, it links with local communities, incorporating lessons from and telling the stories of campaigns for freedom, equality, and human rights in that particular locality. So far the exhibition has been to Newcastle, Sheffield, Sunderland, Middlesbrough, and Tower Hamlets. Each city contributes its own stories of social justice to the exhibition and hosts its own programme of events and workshops, which relate to the US civil rights movement and to the local history of social justice in the city, to complement the exhibition.

Journey to Justice: Nottingham began when the core Journey to Justice exhibition was on display at Discovery Museum in Newcastle, Rose Pearce visited on behalf of the Centre for Research in Race and Rights (C3R) at the University of Nottingham and reported back to Professor Sharon Monteith, Founding Co-Director of C3R, who invited Journey to Justice to partner with C3R. Working with Sharon and C3R, the award-winning National Justice Museum (formerly known as the Galleries of Justice) offered its Special Exhibitions Gallery to host the exhibition from April 2017 to June 2017. The Midlands3Cities Doctoral Training Partnership, which operates across six universities in the region, also came on board as the third partner. These three groups worked together to build links with community organisations, the city council, museums services, colleges, schools, and local arts and history groups and after a successful taster day held at the Galleries of Justice on June 20th, formed a large and dynamic steering group to drive Journey to Justice: Nottingham forward.

The Journey to Justice: Nottingham office is located on the second floor of Cobden Place, in Cobden Chambers.

The Journey to Justice: Nottingham office is located on the second floor of Cobden Place, in Cobden Chambers.

The steering group has been meeting since August 2016, and continues to meet, to curate the local content of the exhibition, devise the events and outreach programme, build and produce content for the website, and formulate new initiatives Journey to Justice: Nottingham could take in our city. The group welcomes new members and is keen to hear ideas and thoughts on new directions that Journey to Justice: Nottingham could be taken in. Journey to Justice: Nottingham has set up an office in Cobden Place, a shared office space in Nottingham City Centre (click here to see the office location on Google Maps).  If you would like to get involved as an organisation, group, or as an individual volunteer, or if you'd just like to have a chat, please fill out the website form or email jtojnottingham@gmail.com, and we can arrange a meeting. 

Currently Journey to Justice: Nottingham is partnered with the following organisations, click the logos to visit their respective websites. Please get in touch if you would like to partner with us.